Saturday, 2 February 2013

Did You Hear The News? We're Making A Movie!

Two things in this week's blog.

First a little update. Mike Whissell and I met with Toronto foley artist, Devin O'Haire last Monday and had a good in-depth discussion about what the film needs and how we can give it the finished polish we're looking for. Things are looking up. And it's game on. Together, the three of us laid out the ground-work for a solid timeline to finish the film completely -- picture, sound, everything. I won't tell you exactly what that timeline is, because anything can change and we won't compromise the finish of the film if it means taking more time. However, we have what we believe is a solid time-line to complete William's Lullaby with certain milestones to hit along the way. 

Foley will begin in about a week. For those of you reading this who are unaware about the process of Foley in film, I found this interesting video from my alma mater Vancouver Film School explaining it all. It's quite fascinating the amount of work that goes into sound design and creating everything that you hear in a film. Even a drama. We'll be venturing into this soon. Take a look. Or a "listen":

Second thing I wanted to do in this blog was provide access to some of the amazing write-ups that have been done about us in the last couple of weeks. Buzz is slowly but surely starting to build and people are beginning to hear about William's Lullaby from different sources of information. And there's plenty more to come. This is just the beginning.


"Toronto filmmaker Nicholas Arnold's latest endeavour 'William's Lullaby' has entered the sound-design stage of production and to get your anticipation up, they’ve just released a teaser trailer. Shot in Kingston, Ontario this past August, the film features a cast and crew of Kingston and Toronto-area artists and  is aiming for completion in time for the 2013/2014 festival circuit... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


"Your upcoming movie William's Lullaby - in a few words, what is it about?

Well, what can I say without giving anything away? In a nutshell, William's Lullaby tells the story of Thomas Splinter, a newly single father struggling to raise his five-year-old son. Thomas fears his abilities as a parent but makes a strong effort to build on his relationship and get his life back on track... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


"Nick’s latest independent film “William’s Lullaby” was made right here in Kingston in the summer of 2011, and will soon be able to be seen on the film festival circuit starting later this year. The movie stars two gifted Kingston actors, Richard Roy Sutton (“SICK”, and Lifetime’s “A Nanny’s Revenge”), and seven year old Toby Bisson (CTV’s “Saving Hope”, “Mikka”, and “Cracked”). The entire cast and crew are from the Kingston/Toronto area... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


"William's Lullaby, an independent feature film shot here in Kingston, has launched an online teaser campaign that has piqued the curiosity of many indie film lovers. A one-minute trailer has been released on major social networking sites, and is already creating a buzz. In one version of the dialogue-free video, viewers are shown snippets of a man...READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Pgs. 18, 40

Many thanks to Lindsay, Mike, Dave and Tricia for those great write-ups. Also thanks to all those who have retweeted us, mentioned us and plugged our teaser on Twitter. There's more to come so do check back on our social media sites as we begin to reveal more about the film. 


If you would like to write about William's Lullaby and would like to request an interview with any of the cast or crew or would like access to promo materials for your blog, website, media outlet, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Lots of stuff happening with our cast and crew, as well as the film itself. To keep track of everything that's going on, make sure you're "plugged in" online!

Many thanks to everyone for helping bring our TEASER past 600 views on YouTube. Are you excited yet?

Don't forget to comment below! I'd love to hear from ya'

Bye for now.


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